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Sergey Albertovich Glazkov (Russian: Серге́й Альбе́ртович Глазко́в; born 9 August 1967) is a professional association football manager from Russia and a former Soviet player, who is currently vice-president of FC Dynamo Kostroma.

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1.1. Integrated Optics Miniaturization of sensory devices, as well as coupling of optical data-processing units with microelectronics are just a few examples among the biggest challenges in integrated optics.

44 W 11 · 2016 How to construct a cladogram The discussion of phylogenetic relationships in biology today is predominantly based on the analysis.

Sergey Mikhailovich Bogdanchikov (in Russian: Серге́й Михайлович Богданчиков, born August 10, 1957, in Severny District, Orenburg Oblast, Soviet Union) is a Russian manager.

Vasily Ivanovich Agapkin was a Russian and Soviet military orchestra conductor, composer, and author of the well-known march "Farewell of Slavianka" (written .

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This book acts as a manual for the ancient methods of navigating by the stars, which continue to provide the sailor or pilot with a timeless means of determining location.

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