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The species was believed to be endemic to one island until new sub-fossil evidence and ancient DNA-testing revealed Laysan teal were widespread across the .Aug 17, 2018 Albatross chicks hatching on the Midway Atoll National Wildlife Refuge now have one less hazard to face on their journey to adulthood.By the late 19th century it was known only from Laysan Island and Lisianski Island [1]. The cause of its extirpation from the majority of the Hawaiian islands.Laysan albatross Makana a Laysan albatross With a wingspan of six feet (2 m), the Laysan albatross is one of the smaller species and adept at diving for .Laysan Albatross - Russ Morgan. © Russ Morgan Laysan Albatross. Phoebastria 15 Sep 2018. Chum #1 Fishing Vessels, Lincoln, Oregon, United States .

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